Clifford Taylor IV
Undergraduate, Graphic Design

Biodiversity in Activeness
Video Projection

The work Biodiversity in Activeness, visually shows a difference in human activeness in different eras. This film, shows the difference in human activeness from 1986 and 2017. In the 1986 clip, one will see the subject being active and actually doing a good workout. In the 2017 clip, it will show the subject being less active and more lazy than that of the 1986 subject. andcon

This relates to biodiversity because by definition, biodiversity is the variety of life in the world. This project really shows the variety and change of human activeness throughout the years. As technology continuously evolves on an everyday basis, it is difficult at times in today’s society to maintain focus because people are so often attached to technology, which is visually shown in the 2017 depiction of activeness.

I want the viewer to be engaged in the difference between how active people were in the 80s when technology wasn't as evolutionary as it is today. I hope the work really inspires people to realize that technology today can be a distraction and that being active really means being dedicated to a workout that will actually provide benefit to your body.