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Stephanie Truta
Undergraduate, Visual Art Studies

Invasive Species
Stop Motion Film

Balance is essential to our lives. Too much or too little of anything is never ideal, especially in the environment. Theoretically, Earth can only support so much life on it before reaching its carrying capacity, causing mass death and possible environmental collapse. With this piece I wanted to bring more awareness to our frighteningly rapid population growth that comes along with a handful of negative consequences. People are increasingly over-consuming fertile land to sustain ourselves, meanwhile polluting the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Many people do not think of the future and the harm we are causing the planet so I hope my short film makes people try to be more environmentally conscious.

My piece is a short, stop motion film that starts off with a person being connected to this world by vine-like structures wrapping around their hands. As the globe spins, it becomes covered in spots. Eventually, these spots, representing the human population, encompass most of the globe to the point where it is difficult to see the actual planet, and the once steady and calm heartbeat of the Earth becomes more rapid and stressed, showing how we “stress” the earth’s environment with our actions.

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