Norys Curbelo-Bermudez

Through our Hands
leaves, canvas, acrylic paint, mason jar

Our environment is constantly being torn apart, and mainly by humanity. I’ve decided to convey the tearing away of our precious trees through this beautiful painting that not only captures the eye but the harshness of our doing. This piece is a rectangle shaped piece of canvas, mainly painted a rusted pink with set of hands holding and spilling an array of leaves at the bottom of the canvas, nailed to a wall. Leaves are trickling from the canvas, down the wall and  into a mason jar labeled with the statement, “18 million acres lost each year.” A minimal amount of leaves sits at the bottom of the jar. The rectangular canvas represents a clean slate for humanity while the slipping of the leaves conveys the slipping of earth’s resources through the hands of society. This piece is meant to express the limitations of our environment by focusing on and making aware the reality of deforestation and the harm we set upon our own planet. Focusing on the limitations of materials and our environment, I wanted to portray that vision about our decaying forests.