Morris McFadden
Undergraduate, Creative Photography


Born in Boynton Beach, Florida, I began writing poetry at the age of 9 and have recently published my first book of poetry Solace After Sorrow. Heavily influenced by nature, social issues, music, and the natural beauty in people, it was incredibly fun creating this work, Harmony. 

Harmony is a video projection set mainly outdoors that follows the intimate relationship between humanity and nature itself. It begins with clips of beautiful nature settings and animals then progressively humanity is integrated into the video as it includes clips of traffic, construction, and examples of art that we as humans create. After learning about the severity of the impacts of littering on the environment and that nearly a billion dollars is spent yearly on cleaning it, I was astonished. So, with this project, I aimed to create a sort of circular narrative with a positive air that explains that since we as humans came from nature, we should do better to get back to our roots and connect more with the earth. I hope that this project inspires the viewer to challenge themselves to take better care of our beautiful environment so that it continues to take care of us.