Marina Dietrich
Undergraduate, Printmaking

digital collage

This series of collages emulates propaganda posters that were released during World War One. The collages, however, communicate the importance of our role, as humans, in relation to climate change. During WWI, people were encouraged to ration their food for the benefit of the soldiers. The posters often succeeded in convincing viewers to “do their part” and “be good Americans.” I chose to emulate these posters because I believe climate change is our next greatest issue and the solution lies with us and our everyday actions. However, this issue is often insignificant to those around me. Due to America’s apparent investment of money and attention to war, I believe that the most effective way to reach people on this issue is to treat climate change like it is a war. This series was created digitally by collaging propaganda posters and various, repurposed illustrations made between 1910-1920. I hope that after viewing this series, viewers will question their priorities when it comes to the future of our planet.