Bee Aware
Mixed Media installation

Bee Aware is an installation that incorporates a projection of a pesticide worker spraying fumes onto a neighborhood. Intended to be visually capturing, Bee Aware is meant to make people aware of a huge problem that is affecting the bee population worldwide. As the fumes of the pesticide permeates through the houses, the audio of bees buzzing around gets lower until the sound ends completely, with silence. Once the audio ends, programmed LED lights go on underneath the project that produce a shadow. These shadows are the outlines of bees, that not only represent death, but a sign of remembrance.

STUDENT_Marcela Pellliseery_image1.jpg,.JPG

video documentation of installation

What the audience needs to take away from this project is that without the existence of bees, fruits that we all like would not be available and there would be a major effect on the food chain. Today, pesticides, specifically neonicotinoids, are not the only issue on the rise, but also the fact that we continue to contribute to climate change. For about a decade, bees have been dying off at an unprecedented rate. Bee Aware is a hope to make people more mindful of how we are not only harming the bees, but our entire environment.