Snow Globes
Plant, Resin, Wood, Paint


Snow Globes consists of seven sculptural globes, four with plants and four without. Snow globes are a way to immortalize our past and the parts of it we hold dear. In keeping with the tradition of the snow globe, these souvenirs represent memories that people cherish. They each contain plants that hold special meanings to people and therefore preserve the memories behind them. The globes themselves are made of plants encased in cured resin, whilst the bases are made of wood. They sit on a shelf to resemble a mantle that people would normally display and show off their personal memorabilia.

The four snow globes with plants encased represent the 400,000 species of plants alive today, whilst the three empty snow globes represent how 68% of them are on the verge of extinction. This ominous message reminds us that there is a large range of plants that we overlook, because of the distance we fabricate between ourselves and our environment. The juxtaposition between filled and empty snow globes represents the message that if we bother to take care of these plants that are personal to us, then we should also take care of the environment surrounding us.