Kirstin Musselwhite
Undergraduate, Graphic Design

The Bigger Picture
Photography (rice, red meat, toy cars, golf balls, soap, water bottles, lightbulbs, rubber bands, zip ties, magazine cutouts, spray paint, tarp)


My project suggests the impact of climate change on the environment. According to NASA, within the last 150 years, since the start of the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million due to human activities. Not only have we produced excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but human activities have also released excess methane, nitrous oxide, and chloroflurocarbons which contribute to climate change. The purpose of my project was to bring awareness to the everyday products that contribute to climate change, such as red meat, cars, aerosol cans, etc. I am bringing attention to the fact that using all of these products results in environmental impacts including rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and threatened species such as polar bears. In order to do this, I incorporated many products that contribute to climate change to show the bigger picture of its effects on the world. With this project, I am encouraging people to reduce their impact on global warming by using less of these products and to help spread this message to others.