Kenan Alemhoca
Undergraduate, Graphic Design & Biology

digital illustration series


This work is a series consisting of 5 digitally constructed pieces. Each piece depicts a skull of an animal (consisting of a mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, and fish) being overtaken by geometric shapes. From those geometric shapes, human architecture figures arise. Within the relationship between humans and animals, humans allow their architectural creations to be placed before the safety and the conservation of animals. 

The issues of human architecture such as urban life, factories, construction, sewage waste, and naval vehicles allow the hindering and the decline of the population of these animals.From reducing the space available to strive, destroying the homes, inflicting severe damage upon animals’ habitats, and the over extent of capturing animals for our own uses humans display a dominant character within this relationship. I hope the work impacts the audience by making them aware of our wide range impact that we have upon animals and to understand the sources of these effects. I want to the work to function as a way for the audience to view the perspective of animals through this destructive relationship that humans have over other species.