In Exchange for a Burger
Installation with projection, cork, paper, pins, and twine

In Exchange for a Burger is a projected map that displays the extent of the harmful effects of the livestock industry. Inspired by the fascination of world travel and the uniquely beautiful organisms that compose each of these highlighted destinations, each red pin represents six to ten endangered or extinct species that are threatened directly or indirectly by the livestock industry. Each yellow cattle tag represents a highly-threatened species, along with their blank picture along the bottom edge. These species are threatened by habitat destruction, agricultural pollution, extreme temperatures, and direct effects of the agriculture and aquaculture industries. This is a piece that is supposed to make one think and is meant to overwhelm. All of the data used to compose this piece was provided by the IUCN Red List. The map is accompanied by a speech from Philip Wollen, former Vice President of Citibank, who is now a leading animal rights activist. While this piece demonstrates empathy, it is mainly a project for those who also have a great appreciation for the breathtaking beauty of their planet and all the heart beats and roots that comprise it. In exchange for a burger, will it all be worth it?