Hannah Banciella
Undergraduate, Drawing


video animation

Garbage is a short animation that visualizes the consumption of plastic waste and how it is progressively filling our oceans. The piece begins with a pop of a soda can triggering the sequential build-up of trash. Materializing from the edges of the projection, the trash inches hazardously towards the subject. She glares at the viewers, unconcerned and detached. She does not move. As she fades into the background, the swelling waves increase in volume. She is engulfed by trash. 

Approximately eight million metric tons of trash enter our oceans each year, most of the accumulated waste is made up of plastic. Drawing inspiration from artist-activist Aurora Robson, I created this piece as a call-to-action. I hope to leave my audience wondering how they can limit their own individual plastic waste. 

The subject’s aloof expression symbolizes society’s precarious habits concerning water pollution. The fluctuating background colors go from a warm grey to a cool blue, suggestive of the affect humans have contributed to global warming.