Georgia Novak
Undergraduate, Graphic Design

wood, sea glass, glue, video

Summers spent on the lakes are synonymous with the feeling of the breeze hitting your face, sandy feet, and hunting for sea glass early in the morning. Sea glass covers the shorelines of the Great Lakes, as it covers the installation portion of my piece. The beach-goers in the video spell out the acronym: HOMES. It stands for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior, the five great lakes.

Fresh water is a commodity that some people may take for granted and others may desperately need. The Great Lakes surrounding the Midwest Region of the United States hold 84 percent of North America’s freshwater supply. Recent issues regarding runoff pollution and other regions vying to export the Great Lakes’ water elsewhere, and over twenty-five invasive species make it all the more vital that they remain protected. 

As an artist from the Great Lake State of Michigan, it was extremely important to me to create a piece that will raise awareness for the protection of my home. It is so important to understand the role of the Great Lakes ecosystem as it is a home for more than 3500 species of plant and animals.