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Frances Landrum
Undergraduate, Art + Technology

Video, Deer hoof, nail polish and manicure tools

In a soothing and dream like atmosphere, viewers watch as a pedicure is being done, pampering filing and painting a nail. Only thing that is out of the ordinary is that the pedicure is being done not on a human, but on a deer hoof. Inspired by the use of animal testing and products in the fashion industry, this piece was made to simultaneously disturb the viewer while making them feel content. The deer was originally hunted and used to feed a homeless shelter community in South Carolina. Although the deer was obtained in an arguably ethical way, ethics of animal art is questioned when something that is societally called “beautiful” such as the nail polish is added onto the taxidermy. Utilizing a sculptural aspect as well as contemporary photography and video art, this piece comes together to let the viewer interpret and come to terms with the subject matter of the piece and the deep meaning behind it from the red nail polish to the final coat.