Emily Pilley
Undergraduate, Visual Art Studies

Chalk Pastel and Sand

A large human head lying in the sand is the focal point of this piece, and the beach surrounding it provides some context for the meaning of the work. The face, as well as the water and landscape in the background, is drawn using pastel, but the sand that the face emerges from is real. The sand was glued on in several layers with color added to the glue in some areas to create value, emphasizing human connection with the environment. The beach depicted here is located in the Maldives, where global warming poses an imminent threat, as rising sea levels could submerge the island nation within this century. The way the human form merges with the sand demonstrates how people are connected with the environment, thus global warming endangers humanity. This piece communicates that global warming is a serious issue that will have an impact on many people’s lives in the near future, and for generations to come, and that we cannot be complacent. Dangers to the environment are a danger to us all, and beautiful natural landscapes could be wiped away if immediate action is not taken.