Connor Friel
Undergraduate, Graphic Design

Middlemist Red
Cellophane, Pipe Cleaners, Styrofoam Wax, Wire


The piece is an imitation of the rarest flower in the world: the Middlemist Red. I wanted the sculpture to look beautiful but feel inorganic and awkward. To achieve this effect, I created a wire frame for each flower and then carefully melted cellophane wrap to the frame. The “leaves” were then repeatedly dipped in burning wax until they were sufficiently covered and began losing form. The flowers are growing out of a block of Styrofoam. By combining highly-processed, inorganic materials with the violent melting imagery, I hope to convey the idea that after these endangered species have disappeared, we can never bring them back and any attempt to recreate them will fail. Hopefully this piece raises awareness of human affects on biodiversity and encourages the preservation of these endangered species before they are lost forever.