Camila Rivera
Visual Art Studies

Mother Earth
watercolor pencil on paper


Our planet has often been referred to as Mother Earth, making us have this idea that if it were to have a human personification, it would be that of a beautiful woman. In my mind, she would have a green body, representing the land, and her hair would be made up of everything that fills our world with life; plants, animals, water, air, and other elements of nature. But our planet is not only filled by biodiversity, as the human experience has stained the soul of nature with pollution and death. 

My work shows both sides of Earth: the side of biodiversity and the side that has been polluted by humans. Using watercolor pencils, I depicted the side of biodiversity full of various elements of nature, and the side of pollution is made up of objects such as trash, dead plants, smog, and polluted water. There are many parallels in my work, demonstrating how both nature and pollution exist in the same world. How long though, until pollution prevails over biodiversity? I want the viewer to reflect that if it ever happens, it would be humanity’s fault.