Brianna Curulli
Undergraduate, Visual Art Studies

mixed media

Synthesis, explores the current state of our environment as a result of many years of human intervention in the natural balance of nature. To demonstrate this idea, I took an important process to life on Earth, Photosynthesis, and placed it in a human-made system. Each of the components of this process are represented through man-made products to demonstrate human intrusion in the environment. Photosynthesis has helped in the production of food and materials that help fight global epidemics such as malnutrition to emitting much of the oxygen we need to breathe. 

According to the Britannica Encyclopedia article, Photosynthesis, there has been recent improvements in agriculture through plant-breeding and genetic engineering to help improve a plant’s resistance to disease and drought, but these advancements have not shown significant benefits. However, I hope that by displaying the process of Photosynthesis in an aesthetically pleasing way, the viewer will appreciate the beautiful power of nature and its ability to embrace all of life on Earth and the changes it has undergone, in order to create balance in the world.