Brianna Collins
Undergraduate, Art+ Technology

Sanibel and Captiva Island
mixed media

For this project, I really wanted to connect with my own personal life in some aspect. I was inspired by Rachel Sussman's themes of mapping and photography, to create a geometrical print map of an island where I have spent my childhood. I wanted to celebrate the biodiversity of the landscapes, wildlife, and flora that make up Sanibel and Captiva island. The islands are very well protected, as keeping wildlife alive and flourishing is something that is very important in the area. It is pleasant to know that there are not very many negative issues that the islands struggle with.

The map itself made of 35mm film photos I shot on location, and are purposely placed on the map depending on where the photo was taken. The map is also made of paper, which is an ephemeral medium, and this also serves as a reminder that preservation is not always guaranteed, as our Earth is forever changing. My piece is personal, but I think any viewer can have an appreciation for its general beauty. I believe we should do the same with our Earth and the species that inhabit it. Biodiversity is something to be celebrated.