Aya Kusumoto
Undergraduate, Graphic Design

Fast Food
drawing on reused packaging

Humans often forget the fragility of nature. One of the biggest offenders in affecting our environment is agriculture and mass produced crops. We often overlook how our own mass produced food affects the surrounding ecosystem. I attempt to inform audiences about our impact on the environment through my work. My piece consists of six recycled food tins. Each of the varied sized tins are spray painted white and relabeled. The individual labels mimics a logo of a particular company satirically. One of the smaller tins, named “Wings Honey” focuses on the use of neonicotinoids, a pesticide derived from nicotine, has been killing large portions of bee populations. The logo borrows from Wings Cigarettes and highlights the similar killing aspect of cigarettes and pesticides. Pesticides have also been found in women’s breast milk. Pesticides have a longevity that lasts through changes in the environment and never really goes away, eventually pesticides always come back to us. This occurrence links to “Round Up powdered formula”. My work does not attempt to mimic the logo completely, but it rather acts as juxtaposition to the complete artificial aspect of advertisements, logos, and packaging seen on processed foods today.