Atiya Thephasit

Untitled, mixed media

Fuel industries tend to advocate themselves as environmental friendly by using the technique of greenwashing or "greensheen." Currently many major oil companies make claims to investing in alternative fuel but the truth is they don’t. They spent more time and money advertising themselves as being green rather than doing so like they claimed to.

My installation consists of a 3D printed oil refinery model placed inside a size 10 tank painted with the colors of black, gray and rusty brown to represent the filth that many oil company have created overtime. The tank itself is filled with a mixture of oil and water. The work required the audience to place dry ice inside of the tank, which in result, creates a smoggy effect mimicking polluted air. The intention of my work is to expose the truth behind the oil industry. By recreating toxic air and oil polluted water, the work makes audiences more aware of the negative impacts on marine environments caused by the fuel industry.