Alia French
Undergraduate, Visual Art Studies

paper mâche, wire, tape, and acrylic

This work features a man overwhelmed by plastic to the point of overflow. Featuring plastic used in the past by the artist, this piece is a paper mâche sculpture made from wire, tape, and painted with acrylic, all to make the man appear as if he is made of paper. I was inspired by the relationship that individuals have with plastic, specifically their personal consumption and waste. I believe that as a society, we are blissfully unaware of the degree and quantity of plastic that each of us personally use. I wanted to not only bring light to the quantity of our personal waste, but also the gravity of this relationship. Therefore the sculpture of the man stands at approximately 12 inches, giving the feeling of insignificance to the being itself. Plastic is a silent killer in our society, something that is creeping upon us while we turn a blind eye to the consequences to our actions. I want this piece to make viewers aware of our relationship with plastic, and become more aware of plastic's true effect.