Jade Le
Undergraduate, Art + TechNology


My work specifically focuses on the interconnectedness of humans and bees. My project consists of a series of melted wax sculptures. In total, there are five wax sculptures melted at various stages. Each sculpture is essentially a block of wax with a human figure casted into the beeswax. The human figures themselves represent the dependency humans have with bees, and as the wax melts, we start to see the human figure reduced. My project relates to biodiversity as it brings into light the rapid disappearance of bees. The significance behind this piece relates to the scientific phenomenon of colony collapse disorder. The number of beehives within the U.S has dropped from 5.75 million in 1988 to 2.89 million today. Statistically, each block represents approximately 1.15 million hives. Furthermore, the blame for this decline can be partially put on humans. Humans use a class of insecticides called neonicotinoids to kill off crop eating insects. However, for the sake of human convenience, bees are drastically affected. Inevitably, as we are disrupting a prominent aspect of nature, a consequence that arises, directly influences us. Overall, the entirety of this piece demonstrates how humanity is deeply interconnected with earth and other life forms.