Vidya Narine

Untitled, 2017
Mixed media, recycled clothing, acrylic paint

The clothes we wear are a defining part of our culture and our personality. It’s important to express ourselves through how we dress, but constantly following new trends can be harmful to life on earth. It creates waste in a way that most people do not even think about. Clothes are bought to just be replaced months later. Through this piece, I wish to show how constantly buying new clothes because of ever changing trends can affect us. Taking inspiration from artist duo Guerra de la Paz, my art piece shows an avalanche of clothing emerging from an open wallet. It represents just how much money and clothes are wasted on following the fashion trends of the times. As an artist, I want to show the world the message that everything we do has an impact on us and the world around us in some way. Through my art, I wish people can learn and become more mindful about what they do.