Shannan Wilburn
Undergraduate, Graphic Design

Positive Impacts
Paint and Photography

 Although humans often have a negative impact on nature, by working with nature instead of against it, humans can have a positive impact by ensuring the protection of various ecosystems. I aim to highlight this positive impact with this piece. 

Created using paint and photography, the black and white photos represent the number of counties in the state of Florida, 67, illustrating the urbanization of Florida. On the other hand, the colored photos represent the number of ecosystems in Florida that have not fallen to urbanization. With 30 photos of a forest, 38 of a lake, 34 of the beach, and 2 of a prairie, each photo represents a county that contains one of the four major ecosystems in Florida: forest, marine, freshwater, and prairies. 

By depicting the abundance of ecosystems that are still protected in Florida, my goal is to illustrate that despite the many counties that are negatively effected by humans, by working with nature, humans can ensure that these ecosystems continue to flourish.