Nothing's Left   From a series of emblematic tapestries,  To Write in Silent Marks  Jacquard woven drawings

Nothing's Left
From a series of emblematic tapestries, To Write in Silent Marks
Jacquard woven drawings


Bethany Taylor

Associate Professor of Drawing +
Workshop for Art Research and Practice
College of the Arts, School of Art and Art History

To Write in Silent Marks (Nothing's Left), references 16th-18th century tapestries, and Alciato’s Book of Emblems, and transforms the act of drawing into jacquard, digitally woven tapestries. This series employs digital weaving processes while embracing traditional notions of drawing and textile weaving, and the imagery depicted in these works, conceptually connects the historical purposes of emblems and tapestries with contemporary forms of cultural propaganda such as print and social media.

Nothing’s Left and other works in the series present image and text scenarios as a warning to a culture involved in over-consumption, exhibiting misuse of power and resources, and posing as an ongoing threat to wildlife and the environment. The tapestries are both poetic and didactic and serve as a collection and meditation on everyday activities, behaviors and ordinary current events that have a significant impact on the culture and environment. They are warnings for how we continue to live in ways that are detrimental to our future