Jenna Agres
Undergraduate, Graphic design

Internal Ecosystem
Acrylic on paper, 2017

Internal Ecosystem is a self portrait of the anxiety driven fear of impending doom in the mind as an ecosystem. This painting features myself in the corner of a room, representing a safe haven from fear. The somber figure is isolated to the viewer, intruding on her psychological space. The corner of the room is painted in a perspective that appears to be in motion, as well as sparse and almost sterile, adding to the uneasiness of the piece. 

The painting is overwhelmingly filled with elements of buckets, they are each allusions to a personal fear: the uncertainty of a certain death. The life vest obscured behind the buckets on the wall represents the possibility for another person, possibly the viewer to be included in this experience. The life vest on the figure functions as protection of an unlikely “what-if” scenario of “drowning” into the unknown of the multiplicity of buckets, which may be empty of filled.
The unlabeled medicine containers are a subtle comment on medicinal culture as a normative way to live out life. The fear of body manipulation and lack of control is represented by the obscuring of the labels. 

Internal Ecosystem functions as a comment on how humans almost have priority over natural selection, but a trade-off is burdened with anxiety of impending doom and self awareness.
This painting is a confluence of a very specific set of personal fears and the anxiety-driven flaws of the human condition.