Alex Duarte, Undergraduate, Microbiology and 
Peter Palfi, 
Graduate, Sculpture

Homemade Materiality
Plywood, Silicone, Plexiglas, PVC, LED, Steel, Household Solutions

There can often be a direct link from what is poured down the drain into the environment around you.  This connection is rarely seen, and therefore, easily overlooked. Common household substances that are often poured down the drain can have deleterious effects on our natural environments when present in higher than average concentrations.  In our work, Homemade Materiality, each of the boxes on the wall contains water mixed with one such substance, and growing tadpole shrimp (Triops spp.), to make this connection more visible.

With our use of industrial materials, we aim to reference a link between the working and the natural environment. Triops are a group of living fossils that have survived unchanged for 300 million years.  Can they survive a night of us?